Monday, November 23, 2009

St. Joseph and Jesus in Snow..........November 23

The Litany to St. Joseph ends with the words
"He made him the lord of His household and prince over all His possessions."
It is believed that the same way that Jesus
was obedient to His parents during life,
and denied them nothing,
Jesus does in Heaven.
Therefore, do not ever be reluctant
to ask St. Joseph
for his patronage in any need.


Anonymous said...

What an unusual and beautiful portrayal of St. Joseph and Jesus. Thankyou, Micki, for sharing this treasure!

Diane S.

Ginny said...

I love this. It's perfect for the season! It's really a lovely image of the relationship between Jesus and Joseph.

Sr.Marie Bernard said...

This is such a unique image! Anything that is meditative of those Hidden Years of Christ's Life, is so attractive! Thanks for sharing!

Fr. Larry said...

A very beautiful and meditative image; but to they have snow like this in the Holy Land.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and unique portrayl of St. Josef and the Christ Child. As one of the other visitors wrote, "It's perfect for the season!" I couldn't agree more.

The text also conveys so much to our souls. I try to remember the quote by St. Teresa de Avila, "I don't ever remember a time that when I went to St. Josef that he didn't answer me." So true. Thru the intercession of St. Josef, may he bestow graces to all families especially upon fathers. After all he was the perfect husband and father to Mary and little Jesus! A blessed day to all of your visitors and to you Micki!

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching, I want you to know that I am grateful to Our Lord for this wonderful Apostolate you so lovingly provide each day. May Jesus bless you for your work and love! John K.

Micki said...

Diane S. - Thank you for your appreciation.

Ginny - Jesus and Joseph's relationship must have been just unbelievable...I can't even imagine.

Sr. Marie Bernard - I know what you mean about "those Hidden Years of Christ's Life"...if only we knew more..gues we just have to wait to hear those stories.

Fr. Larry - Good question. I sure don't know...but we are expecting some this week in Indiana....yuck!

John K. - All you who enjoy the "perfect for the season" must live in the Sun Belt....

I love your mentioning St. Teresa of Avila's quote about going to St. Joseph. I have had a great love for St. Joseph and he has always heard my prayers.

Thank you John for your very kind words and blessings. You know I'm hear in prayer for you also.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Richards,

A neat answer to your question on whether or not Jesus and St. Joseph could have encountered snow in Israel can be found on
this page.