Thursday, August 27, 2009

Extra Post

The other day I received an email asking about
a certain military card. I am sorry to say I lost
the message and can't reply via email. So, I
thought I'd just post this here and hope she
comes back and finds this.

Please email me again. Thank you.



Ed Sousa said...

How very nice this is Micki.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

What beautiful cards.......Says

anonymous from Ca.

Unknown said...

Personally, I don't like this cards. I know that the point is just to show that the army men are protected by Our Lord and Our Lady, but it makes me the impression as if Our Lord and Our Lady are supporting war. And it's an impression I don't like at all. Our Lord and Our Lady would never support war, but peace, so I really can't understand the point of this cards.

Sorry if I make any offense to some of you, but it's just my humble opinion.

Marina said...

I love these holy cards that have the service men in them!

Micki said...

Ed Sousa, Sr. - Nice to see you here Ed. Thanks.

Anonymous from Ca. - Thanks for your comment.

Meldelen - I'm sorry you don't like these cards. I don't think the artist is trying to show that Mary or Jesus is supporting war. I think that when there is war we are asking Mary and Jesus to protect our men and women who are involved in such dangerous activity. It is an artistic way to say "God Bless Our Service People."

Marina - Many people call upon Jesus and Mary to protect and bless our service people. I'm glad you appreciate the meaning behind the cards.

Micki said...

Meldelen - I also should point out that these cards were published during World War II. Hitler/Germany was invading/killing people in England, France, Italy, Poland etc.
We were at war to stop this madness and these cards were calling on blessings and protection for our servicemen and women. I have a card that shows servicemen and women, nurses etc.....all who gave of themselves for the love of our "neighbors."

Anonymous said...

I have never seen holy cards that depict soldiers! Great!

Dear Meldelen - As far as Jesus & Mary supporting war - war is punishment for sin; yet, as soldiers are given protection and guidance, as already mentioned, God and all of Heaven helps guide and support those fighting on the side of justice against evil. That is why we pray in times of war - for help in conquering evil threats; not to support war itself. God Bless you!

God Bless you for these cards, Micki - they remind us to pray for our servicemen, who are our front line when threatened.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Micki, for your comments. I know about this kind of publicity about war, it was quite usual in World Wars and also in civil wars (I got a degree in History so I'm very familiar with this kind of depictions). I agree that these holycards are curious since they are the depiction of an epoque, and that no Christian would like to depict Our Lord and Our Lady supporting war.

Micki said...

Adrienne - Thank you for your comment and your words to Meldelen. We must trust in our Lords care in all situations, peace and war. Thank you.

Meldelen - Thank you for your sharing of your personal feelings. I'm not sure I understand why you think the cards promote Jesus and Mary supporting war....but you are certainly entitled to your view. I do hope you might see how it all situations we are asked to call on our Lord and His Mother for their protection and help. God bless you.