Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feast of St. Louis of France........August 25

"In order to avoid discord,
never contradict anyone
except in case of sin or
some danger to a neighbor;
and when necessary to contradict others,
do it with tact and not with temper."

Saint Louis


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I have a son in college that has ADD and has a vey difficult time keeping his anger in check due to his condition. He is 43 and has come a very long way as he is aware of this.He is self sufficiant. I am so proud of him the fact that he doesn't give up. Please all of you pray for him.

Thank You
loves your cards in Ca.

Anonymous said...

How hard to be a King and a Saint! Louis of France pray for us all.
El Greco another artist I always recognise, so spiritual, so moving.

Ginny said...

Oh, wow, I LOVE El Greco. I'd never seen that painting before. Thanks!

Micki said...

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing your personal situation with your son. How proud you must be that he isn't giving up. You are a wonderful mother for standing by him. We will all keep you both in our prayers.

diddleymaz - How true it is to have you say how hard it must have been to be both King and Saint. He was also blessed with parents who shared their love of the Lord.

Ginny - I'm also happy when some of the greatest artists did religious paintings. So glad there have been so many to inspire us all these years latter.