Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*Confession.........November 19

"The sin of the century
is the loss of the sense of sin."

"I have never heard a confession
that was worse than the first one I made
when I returned to the Church."

quotes from Father John Corapi, SOLT
(Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity)


Sanctus Belle said...

This picture reminds me of the OT vision of a prophet (can't remember his name right now, Jeremiah maybe?) who's lips were unclean until they were purified by the angel who touched them with a burning coal from God's altar. In a similar way are our lips purified by confession.

Anonymous said...

The confessional is a place of healing for our souls and minds. It is there that the Lord invites all of us to come a drink in the stream of His Graces leaving renewed in our spirits to lead a life of holiness. How sad today, many do not take advantage of this AWESOME SACRAMENT. Jesus be the Joy of the World for all who are looking for the TRUTH!!! John K.

Ed Sousa said...

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFESSION is one of the greatest mercies of God.
What would we do without confession?
Thank You Lord,for your Mercy.

Michele said...

all catholics need to be reminded of the importance of confession!

Micki said...

To All - Thank you all for your encouraging words. I'm always amazed at the beauty you bring with your own words....a gift from God to you. Thank you for sharing.

"Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven them".........what can be more wonderful then that?

Easter Almuena said...

"The sin of the century
is the loss of the sense of sin."

Hello dear Micki,
This is so true. Sometimes it feels like we all have to put a sackcloth over our bodies in atonement for all sins in the world... God have mercy on us all!

It is good to be here, dear Micki!