Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints Day..........November 1

I will not be able to respond to any comments for another day. Please continue to leave remarks for the inspiration/enjoyment of other viewers. Thank you all.

The Saints are the sinners
who keep on trying.

All in heaven are saints.

The picture to the right is from the dust jacket of a book by my very good friend, Fr. Eugene Carrella. The book is titled HOLY CARDS by Barbara Calamari and Sandra Dipasqua.

May all the Saints in Heaven pray for us.


aspiring... said...
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Ed Sousa said...

How very nice Micki. Thank You.

CJ Sweet said...

"The Saints are the sinners who keep on trying."

Very inspiring words!

Maestra Gina said...

Just saw 2 movies on EWTN. St. Rita and Saint Maria Gorretti. Wow, they led real lives!

I just love them both so much more now.

All Saints,
Pray for us

Micki said...

Aspiring - Isn't it great how "computer friends" can share other friends. I will definitely pass on your greetings to Fr. Gene. Thank you also for your posts while I was gone. It's nice to know that people will keep adding their heartfelt comments :-)

Ed - I will be back around checking on blogs when I get caught up with all that is necessary after being gone for 12 days. Thanks for posting.

Cassie - So nice to see you here commenting. Thanks for being inspired by that quote.

Gina - Thanks for sharing how wonderful watching inspirational movies about saints can be. I wish more people could enjoy them...especially the young.