Friday, November 28, 2008

*Come to Jesus..........November 28

In Loving Thee I Will Suffer With Thee

O Mary, grant me the graces God intends for me this day. Then offer to your Divine Son all the good works that I do as a result of these graces.


Anonymous said...

I wish a belated "Happy Thanksgiving Day" to all, especially to Easter A and to Micki for sharing her lovely collection with us.


irene said...

The text doesn't match the beautiful image, in which I can't see any suffering. But that's OK, it's a good image.

Micki said...

John - Thank you. Yes, we had a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope y ou did too.

Irene - I guess the artist and the printer didn't get together to show "suffering". I just thought the picture of Mary loving Jesus on her lap was wonderful as a reminder that the graces we receive should be for good.

Marie said...

Once again Beautiful Thank YOU Micki:). You bless us all with your lovely prayers, quotes and Holy Cards.

Peace to you:)

marie xoxooxox