Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank the Holy Spirit..........May 26

"Thank the Holy Ghost for
through the priests,
to produce Him daily
on the altar,
as He did the first time
in Mary's virginal womb."

Translation from John.
-- [At the top:] "It is in communicating with my visible Being that you will unite yourself with my infinite Being." Come to take your turn at the holy table where the voice of the Spouse calls His friends. "All of you, come to Me! I am the living Bread, and in Me alone your souls will find superhuman food." -- [Beside the crown of thorns:] Prayer... Love -- [At the bottom:] Vanity, all is mere vanity. Pleasure! Pleasure! misleading drunkenness, which promises benefits so sweet -- ah! -- in your enchanting cup, I have found only disgusting bitterness!

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