Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holy Trinity Sunday..........May 18

Glory be to the Father,
To the Son,
To the Holy Spirit.

Blessed be the Holy Trinity
and undivided unity.
We will give glory to Him,
because He has shown mercy to us.

(Another card that you should click
on to see in its larger view.)

Thanks to Nan who emailed me....
"The angels across the top look more like bundled up babies than anything until you click on the card to make it bigger; only then is it clear they're wrapped in their own wings!"


Joey's Brigade said...

This day I became a lay Carmelite. As my new name I chose, Elizabeth Teresa Marie of the Holy Trinity. What a beautiful Card!

Love in Carmel,
Gina Elizabeth O.C.D.S

Gregory Peter Carl said...

Is there a higher res version of this image? I'd love to use it for a holy card.