Saturday, May 2, 2009

*Queen of May..........May 2

Bring flowers of the fairest,
Bring flowers of the rarest,
From garden and woodland
And hillside and dale;
Our full hearts are swelling,
Our Glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale.

O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May,
O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May.


marion said...

Ave Maria!

Anonymous said...

What sweetest memories!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could hear that hymn in church today instead of that dribble that is so common.

cheryl said...

Amen! Amen! I love May for this very reason. How appropriate that she is celebrated in the spring when the flowers are beginning to bloom, in the same Month we also celebrate our own mothers, and right after Easter too (in which we celebrate the Redemption wrought by Christ), as if to say, "See the fruit of Christ's Redemption--Hail full of grace, Queen of all, assumed into heaven. Model of our Redemption!"

If anyone crowns their statues at home, could you please add an extra flower for my family and me, since I'm not really able at this time, to celebrate this glorious occasion as I like. --Thanks.

Micki said...

Marion - Welcome to a first time commenter here.

Diane - Yes, one can't forget those beautiful Mary songs. Just makes you smile to think about them.

Anonymous - I wish you could too. Our Church has May crowning next weekend and we will get to hear all those beautiful old songs.

Cheryl - Welcome. We don't crown any statues but I'll sure say a prayer to Mary on your behalf during our May crowning next weekend.

pam j said...

Thanks for this lovely post and holy card. My mother used to sing this while working around the house when I was a small child. It still brings back some of my fondest memories.
God bless you.
Our Lady of America, pray for us.

Micki said...

pamj - What a beautiful picture that must make....a Mary singing mom. How lucky you were. It certainly is a melody that stays in your head.