Saturday, May 16, 2009

*Lily of the Valleys..........May 16

I am the Lily of the Valleys
Learn of me to be meek and humble of heart.


Kathy said...

A great Holy Card!

Please consider offering your rosaries( scandal at Notre Dame) see my blog for details. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love this portrayal of our Sweet Jesus! Thankyou for sharing, Micki!
Yes, please be praying about this Notre Dame scandal! At least people are speaking up and well they should ..... we must pray intensely that our priests and bishops will take a stand, not only on this issue, but all the others that are a part of the time we are in.

Diane S.

Micki said...

Kathy - I did. Thank you for enjoying the card.

Diane S. - I'll gladly join you in praying for our priests and bishops will take a stand. I'm proud that our Indiana Bishop spoke out. Too bad more couldn't join in. Pray that our Lord will use this to make something good happen.