Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vision of the Church..........October 5

Saint John Bosco's dream/vision.
"One of the pillars to save the Church in St. John Bosco's dream was the Eucharist. May Jesus in the Eucharist be the center of the lives of each of us."

Fr. Tommy Lane

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In a vision, the Lord showed St. John Bosco the dangers threatening the Church. He saw the Church, Ship of Peter, surrounded by a loyal flotilla, locked in mortal combat with superior forces which repeatedly brought it to the edge of annihilation. At a crucial moment, the Holy Father fell mortally wounded. The enemy, sensing victory, closed in for the kill.

Suddenly two columns surged from the depths of the ocean. One was surmounted by a monstrance holding the Blessed Sacrament - "Salvation of Believers;" the other by a statue of Mary Immaculate – "The Help of Christians."

The sight of the columns and the election of a new Pope caused the enemy to unleash a last blistering attack to prevent the Pontiff from anchoring the Church between the two pillars. The assailant's plan failed, and their attack turned into a rout and total disaster.

The Pope and his faithful defenders found safety anchored between the two columns. The winds subsided and the sea grew calm. The victory was complete.

St. John Bosco assures us that when the Church is battered by enemies from within or from without, salvation can only come from JESUS IN THE EUCHARIST, MARY, THE HELP OF CHRISTIANS, and THE POPE, the Vicar of Christ on earth.

The dreams/visions of St. John Bosco are published in the book DON BOSCO'S DREAMS, Salesiana Publishers, 148 Main Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801 ($9.90)


josef_63 said...

A very wonderful story and yet so timely. The Church is always being attacked by Satan and his "misfits!" Thankfully we have the promise of Our Dear Lord that NOTHING will ever destroy His Church. However, we must remain close to Jesus and His Holy Mother,they will assist us to keep us safe and our faith firm. A Blessed Week to all! Thank you Micki for sharing these holy cards and words of inspiration, they contiue to uplift the spirit! John K.

kiran said...

please pray for my churches which is being destroyed in whole of india
and killing of christians
and banning conversions and also christians

aspiring said...
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aspiring said...
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Marilena said...

hi there! i've added on my side bar, your picture of the Holy Family. i also gave you credit for the picture:) ty!

Anonymous said...

John K above said, "However, we must remain close to Jesus and His Holy Mother,they will assist us." This is so so so important. Say Jesus' Name when you're afraid -- the attackers of your mind and heart fear that and will leave. When you're thankful say so in Jesus' Name -- the attackers won't even come near. S.E.

Micki said...

John K - Your welcome. I don't know if I would like or not like having these visions that St. John Bosco had.

Kiran - Thank you for coming here and leaving a comment. You can be sure that I, along with many others will remember your prayer request. I am grateful for your reminding us that not all countries are free to worship as they please. We will pray and think of you often. Our hearts are definitely with you.

Aspiring - Yes, I too just came into this holy card through the blessings of another blogger. Thank you "G". I'm so happy that you were touched by the story also.

Marilena - I'm delighted to share and do appreciate the h/t.

Anonymous - What a wonderful thought to remember....."Say Jesus' Name when you're afraid." So easy to do. I remember reading one time that the shortest prayer of supplication is simply "Help".

Anonymous said...

You're so right Micki. His help and our salvation can start just as easy as that.
My years with Jesus began in adulthood with a supplication like that - Help. "Help me!" were my own words. With that, His peace was added to me and the salvation story came to life in me. I, a terrible sinner.
No one needs to fear approaching Him. Not for any reason.