Friday, October 17, 2008

Hummel, Praying..........October 17

"We do not cease praying
so long as we continue to do good.
The prayer of the heart and of good deeds
has more value than the prayer of the lips."
St. Augustine


Soul Pockets said...

I love your blog. The holt cards ar beautiful. Thank you for sharing

Micki said...

Soul Pockets - Welcome to a first time commenter. I hope you continue to find future posts to be inspiring.

josef_63 said...

Another touching Hummel card, and the texts awe inspiring! As Ste. Therese of Lisieux said, "we should do everything with great love!" It is love and our good intentions that give merit to everything we do for Jesus! So often we are looking for great things, but it is in the small,mundame things that often bring much joy to others and help us to one day get to Heaven! Jesus use me so that I may bring your love to my brothers and sisters! A good weekend to all! John K.

Soul Pockets said...

Thank you Micki, and in my comment I meant to write holy cards. :)