Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hummel Three Kings Adoring..........October 14

Sing to the Lord a new song:
the Prince of Peace is born, allellluia.

"We saw His star at the rising and have come to pay Him homage."

Matthew 2:2


Micki said...

Friends - I know this is not a seasonal card for today but I just thought it was an unusual picture of the three kings. Maybe I'll be the first to put the vision of the upcoming Christmas season in your thoughts :-)

josef_63 said...

I love the Hummel cards. May we sing unto the Lord a song of Love! Just as the wisemen of long ago gave the King of Love their gifts, may we give Him the gift of ourselves and forever sing notes of praise, thanksgiving and joy to Our Dear Saviour! My dearest Jesus I Love you! Thank you for coming down from the Glory of Heaven to remain in our souls in the Blessed Eucharist! A good day to all! John K.

Micki said...

josef_63 - I'm so blessed to have so many bloggers who can add such inspirational messages. I love your vision of us singing our song of love to Him.