Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Singing of Birds..........August 12

"God gives every bird a worm,
but He does not throw it into the nest."

Swedish Proverb


Easter A. said...

My daughter, Cy, will love this! We now have 10 birds - oh my! Some of them are favorites because they do not bite... he he he... but we all love them. We cherish those moments when we can hold them with our hands and their little heads peak out at you and you get to kiss them. :-) Singing to God they surely do! Cy does a good job at taking care of them. God be praised!

Thanks Micki!

Micki said...

Easter - 10 birds WOWEEEEEE
I do think the singing must be beautiful...as long as it's not parrot squaking I could enjoy myself.

Easter A. said...

hahaha... I know what you mean.

Love to you Micki!