Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abraham..........August 17

Genesis 22

"The Heavenly Father's sacrifice of His only Son rescues us--as surely as if we'd been whisked from under a knife."

The Illustrated Word


Anonymous said...

Interesting card, Micki!

In case anyone is wondering, the Catholic Church does permit priests to celebrate Mass in memory of the saintly people (prophets, patriarchs, etc.) of the Old Testament, whom we believe to have been released from the "Limbo of the Fathers" on Holy Saturday, after being visited by Jesus. The day of commemoration for St. Abraham of Ur is October 9, as shown here..


Easter A. said...

The scriptural significance of this picture is so important to me. Genesis 22:15-19. Because of Abraham's obedience, he was greatly blessed. It reminds me to be obedient in times when I would rather be doing what I wish to do.

What a joy it is, truly, to come here and be reminded of the faith of Abraham. In Romans 4:20 we find such awesome words: Abraham refused to doubt God; he believed that he would become a father to a son. At times when I feel that doubt is creeping in, I immediately use those words from our sacred book in my prayer: I refuse to doubt you, Lord!

Isn't God awesome?!!!

Micki, what a blessing it is to be here and to be in the company of little saints. :-)

Micki said...

John - This was unknown to me. Thank you for bringing it here for all to learn. This makes me happy to know.

Easter - I was always in awe that Abraham could pull that knife up in the air ready to do God's will. If only I could be as obedient. You are so sweet to add your thoughts and comments here. Thank you.