Friday, August 22, 2008

Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.......August 22

"God has established Mary as a bridge
that leads to salvation.
By making use of this bridge,
we pass safely over the stormy sea of this world
and reach the happy harbor of heaven."

St. James of Nisibis

Queen of Angels .....pray for us


Prayerflowers said...

Dearest Micki,
Beautiful picture of our Sweet Mother.
My hard drive crashed. I missed stopping by.
Sending u hugs

Enbrethiliel said...


That's just glorious! =D

Is there a meaning behind each object the Angels are extending towards Mary?

Sanctus Belle said...

Regarding the angels: most are playing music for her, two are holding up the edge of her mantle, one is holding out to her the lily of purity and one I can't quite make out is holding something red, a rose perhaps? which is often "her flower", the Rose of Sharon. There are several red images at her feet which seem to be symbols but I can't make them out either. Very beautiful image and thanks for posting it!

StBlog said...

Yes, a magnificent image. It is through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth that I am blessed with a new life in Christ and through Her aid that I am able to persevere.

Thanks Miki - a beautiful image for a beautiful Queen! +JMJ+ John

Easter A. said...

What a breathtaking picture! I have it on my post today... so appropriate! Thank you, dear Micki!
Much love,

wendybirde said...

Hi Micki,

Blessed feastday today : )

And this is about a post further down, but I'm really curious about the holy card of Mary hanging laundry that was mentioned, sounds just up my alley : ) Ive seen the one where she is lighting the lamps at
night which i love, and this clothes hanging one sounds similar in feeling. I love so much when its shown the more domestic side of Our Blessed Mother : )

And this is just a small thing, but something occured to me recently. When i switched the blog over to the new site and redid the links page awhile back, links
didnt disappear then they just became organized differntly. Before i had you listed under journals, but since i expanded the prayer section i instead put
your link there instead (your link is Holy Cards1, and Kay's is Holy the Prayer Room in the Library). Just wanted to make sure you knew, so
you wouldnt think you'd disapeared or anything...

Well, a very peaceful week to you : ) Wendy

AspiringFOOL (FriendOfOurLord) said...
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paramedicgirl said...

That is a very beautiful card! It should be what we all picture when saying the fifth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.

Micki said...

Prayerflowers - So sorry to hear about your computer crash. We all wondered where you were. Glad it was not you "crashing"! :-)

Enbrethilie - Thanks for posting a comment. I see SB answered in her comment.

Sanctus Belle - Thank you for answering the question about what the angels are bringing. I think you have a good eye.

John - How wonderful to hear of Mary's work in your life. She is probably happy also that you worked with her and not against. Blessings to you.

Easter - Thank you again dear friend for sharing Mary with your blogging friends. I hope she inspires some extra prayers from all of us. :-)

Wendybirde - Hope you enjoy Sat.'s extra bonus picture....just for you! I don't see your blog like I use to....there is nothing in the sidebar etc. I thought you were off when I last checked.

FOOL - Of all the words you so graciously shared I think "triumph" fits our Blessed Mother well. Thanks.

Paramedicgirl - You mentioned something I already do...during the Glorious, 5th decade, before each Hail Mary, I mention one of her sure makes that decade meaningful for me. Here are my ten for the Hail Marys.
Q(queen)of angels, Q of apostles, Q of All Saints, Q of patriarchs and prophets, Q of martyrs, Q of virgins, Q conceived without original sin, Q of the most holy rosary, Q of heaven and earth and Q of peace. Give it a try sometime.

AspiringFOOL (FriendOfOurLord) said...
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