Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Son of God..........October 29

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"The Son of God became the Son of Man so that sons of men could be sons of God."

St. Athanasius of Alexandria


Madeleine K said...

Pax Christi! How grateful it was finding your blog! I love so much Holy cards. I'm brasilian and here we have almost nothing. I think images can lead us to our Kind God and help so much in the path to Him. Mainly the old cards that I think are so much more inspiratily(is this right? Forgive my poor english...).Thanks God for your inspiration in your soul!Please, visit me. There's a traductor there. Not so good but better than rs=smiles).Kind God and Sweet Mother bless you so much and your way to Them!

M.J. said...

Interesting. I've never seen a representation of Christ in Byzantine bishop's garb.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I love your web and I visite every day. A signage: This image is not Jesus as a Byzantine bishop. Is St. Josaphat, orthodox bishop converted to the Catholic faith and thus martyred (the hatchet at his feet and his head bleeding). On the right angels around him offer the palm of martyrdom. It is true that resembles Christ, but it is St. Josaphat. Thanks for your blog. Forgive me for my english, but did not speak, just what I have studied

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Kenosis. The word you were searching for is "inspirational."

Thank you, Ramon, for your EXCELLENT contribution to our understanding this interesting holy card. I have always admired St. Josaphat for having the courage to be loyal to the pope, despite the danger to his life from those Eastern Christians who preferred to remain in schism.

Your identification of the bishop as St. Josaphat is confirmed by the fact that a Byzantine Catholic cathedral is at his feet, while he looks with trust toward the Basilica of St. Peter on Vatican Hill.


Micki said...

Kenosis - Welcome. What pleasure to have a Brazilian here commenting. Your English is far better than anything I could do in your language. I will come visit you as soon as I get caught up after being away for some time. Please keep stopping are most welcome.

Miguel - That's what I thought too.
Interesting information from another poster.

Ramon - is so fantastic to learn something new. Thank you so much for all you brought to these comments. We used to live near a St. Josephat church and therefore this holy card will be much more meaningful to me now.
Thank you again.

John - You have put the frosting on the cake by adding your knowledge to this card also. You all surprise me and make this blog better. Thanks.