Saturday, October 11, 2008

Come and Meet Jesus..........October 11

Happiness is not having what you want.
It's wanting what you have.


Anonymous said...

What a treasured holy card!

Diane S.

LoveStJoseph said...

Oh how we need to remember this thought!!!!!! Again a most beautiful card. Meeting Little Jesus and His most loving Mother and then good St. Joseph - HEAVEN!!!
In the Three Most Loving Hearts.

Anonymous said...

This is a really pretty card and the text is a beautiful thought to reflect upon. I love the text left by lovestjoseph, about "meeting little Jesus etc. that will be a meeting of supreme happiness that the world and material possesions can never give. A Blessed weekend to all! Thank you Micki for the gift you share with all of us. John K.

aspiring... said...
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Madeleine K said...

Dear brother in Jesus and Mary,
Pax Christi!
What a lovely inspiration this Holy cards' blog! Kind God really love His people! I love holy cards so much and it's a great joy finding this here.I'm from Brasil and here there's almost nothing about it.Thanks a lot, my brother. Kind Jesus and Sweet Mother bless u and your family so much!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...


Micki said...

Diane - So sweet to see you here again.

lovestjoseph - Your comments always are appreciated. Thank you.

John K - I'm so happy that others can share thoughts, and like you said, all can be inspired.

Aspiring - Love your words "fruits of tough harvest"....reminds me also of the fall season we celebrate now.

Kenosis - Welcome to our first Brazilian commenter. I hope you continue to find inspiration here.
Thank you for letting us "meet" you.

Jackie :-)