Monday, March 10, 2008

Lenten Lips and Heads, Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

"All who see me scoff at me; they mock me with their lips and wag their heads."

From Psalm 21

Are we using our lips for prayer this Lent?
Are we bowing our heads in sorrow for our sins?


Anonymous said...

Oh, the size of those thorns, piercing our blessed Lord's sacred head! Each one represents a thousand sins that each of us has committed in his/her mind. Can we begin to do better today, with His help?


Anonymous said...

This holy card portrays somewhat what He really looked like and still it was far worse. I watch The Passion movie every Good Friday to make it all the more real in my mind what He really suffered for us--and He would have done all just for each one of us individually if we were the only one in the world---that is the thought that really makes me think of how much, how much He loves each one of us!!!


Prayerflowers said...

oh my this says it all...

Jesus...Sweet Jesus I am sorry for my sins.

Anonymous said...

"...they mock me"... and still today, Micki. We have a supposed comedian in this country (the son of a vicar of the Anglican Church, I believe) who thought himself very funny declaring that he always wanted to tell believers of Christ "You know, Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas". But it backfired on him spectacularly: it actually makes a very good notice for Church Boards -

Jesus IS for LIFE, Not Just For Christmas.

And cards like this wonderful piece of work remind us how much more. Thank you Micki.
Best Regards, Lynneda

fb said...

This holy card is similair to the way Jesus looked in the PASSION. I want to pray: Oh my Jesus, I'm sorry you had to die for my sins. Bleed on me.

Micki said...

John - What a moving thought..each thorn a sin!

D.S. - I struggled with the book of the film. I can't imagine the pain...I can't imagine the suffering.

prayerflowers - Yes, me too.

Lynneda - How true...Jesus IS my life. Forever and ever I hope.

fb - What an original prayer..."bleed on me." Never thought of that before. Thank you for that visual.

Marie said...

This picture just moves one to tears. No words needed:)

Peace & blessings to you Micki:)

Marie xooxoxo