Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jesus Falls.....................February 24

There are no crown wearers in Heaven
that were not cross bearers here below.


Kindred Spirit said...

What a beuatiful post! Thank you.

Josef_63 said...

You have posted another "Gem" I remember bidding on a card just like this a few years ago on EBAY and unfortunately lost. Nice to see here tho. I also love the text that is with it. The first time I read this quote was in a book, and the words really leapt right off of the pages! So True and moving!

A Beautiful Day to all who visit!! John K.

Micki said...

Kindred Spirit - Welcome and I'm so pleased you enjoy.

John K - I am with you regarding the quote...a favorite of mine. Hey, maybe I won the card that day, one never knows on ebay :-)