Monday, January 19, 2009

*Our Lady of the Catechism........January 19

The seeds of first instructions are dropped into the deepest furrows.

Martin Farquhar Tupper


J Stolle said...

How beautiful, a reminder of my Aunt Anna teaching Catechism to all the young boys during the summer months. They would bicycle from the city out to her house in the country (ten miles) every morning for two to three weeks. There would be as many as ten boys. She always had homemade snacks for when they arrived all hot and tired.

Thanks for the memory...may she rest in Peace (1968).

josef_63 said...

Wow! What a beautiful image of Our Lady and her Divine Son. If we listen with our hearts closely we can hear Our Blessed Mother instructing us to follow her Son. She gives Him to us so that we may share and give Him to others that are hurting in this world. It is only then will our lives have meaning! "Jesus and Mary I Love You!" A nice evening to all! John K.

Esther said...

Micki, this has to be by far your most beautiful post!

Micki said...

J Stolle - What a beautiful woman she must have been. I can almost picture this as a scene in a movie. God bless her. Thanks for sharing the memory.

John K. - Yes, that is always her lead us to Jesus. Thank you Mary.

Esther - I'm so pleased that you feel that way. I know you have a special devotion to Mary. I wonder what the word "catechism" means. I'll have to go look it up.