Saturday, January 3, 2009

*Feast of St. Genevieve..........January 3

Genevieve was only a poor peasant girl, but Christ dwelt in her heart. She was anointed with His Spirit, and with power; she went about doing good, and God was with her.

The life of St. Genevieve was one of great austerity, constant prayer, and works of charity.

St. Genevieve is my "patron saint" for the year 2009.
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More about St. Genevieve


Anonymous said...

Hi, Micki.

Your link to the page about St. Genevieve is not working, but I used the available "seach" to find it. Here is the correct URL, in case you want to fix your link:

Until then, visitors to these comments can click here.


Micki said...

John - Thank you for letting me know of this error. I fixed it so it should be fine now.

Soutenus said...

My 6th grade teacher's name was Genevieve (Mrs. Read). How lovely to read about St. Genevieve. I wonder if Mrs. Reid was Catholic? In any case I will be asking St Genevieve to intercede for her in her life's struggles. She was a great teacher.

Easter A. said...

Hello dear Micki,

A Blessed and Joyful New Year!

St. Genevieve was one of my favorite saints when I was a little girl. My dad used to read to us stories about saints and St. Genevieve was one of them. This brings good memories to me, Micki! I thank you!

Happy New Year to our dear brother, John, and to all your readers.

Micki, if you get a chance, come a visit and see if you might want to add something to my newest post. Thank you and lots of love to you...

Micki said...

Soutenus - Thank you for sharing about your dear teacher named Genevieve. I'm sure the Lord will bless her on her namesake day.

Easter - What a beautiful image of a father reading to his daughter...and about saints. Would that more men would join in his example. Thank you.