Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*Feast of St. Agnes..............January 21

"Christ made my soul beautiful
with the jewels of grace and virtue.
I belong to Him whom the anels serve."

St. Agnes

Read about St Agnes


Meldelen said...

Dear Micki:

I was absolutely sure, when I entered in your blog this morning, that I would find a holycard of Saint Agnes.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece with us.

Micki said...

Meldelen - What a special Saint she is! Here is last year's post. Not sure if you saw her here also. Enjoy...... (I can't make this clickable so I guess you will have to cut and paste.)

Bella Vita said...

Hi Micki,
I have a little question about your 2009 Patron Saint, St. Genevieve. For Confirmation, we were to select a saint's name and I chose Jennifer, of which there is no such saint. The nuns allowed it because they said the the name is associated with Guenevere.

But the nick name for Guenevere is "Gwen" and the nick name for Genevieve is "Jenny". Long story why I chose the name, but it was allowed by the nuns. Now I'm thinking that my confirmation saint is really Genevieve.....what do you think?


Micki said...

Bella Vita - I never heard of that dilema before. I'm thinking that what the ear hears would make more sense that Jennifer would have Genevieve as a patron saint more so than Guenevere. I think I'd just pick which saint's history meant more to me and then I'd chose her as my patron. OR...just keep them both.

Meldelen said...

Thank you, Mickie, for pointing me to last year's post. It is also delightful, that holycard :)

Bella Vita said...


What GREAT advice! I'm going to do just that: read up on both saints and then select the one that I need the most. . . but then, two can help me more in this journey, can't they? :)

Thanks for taking the time to reply too!

Anonymous said...

AH! My adopted Patron Saint! St. Agnes' feast falls on my Birthday! (rather, my Birthday falls on her feast day...)Anyway - I did not think to stop by earlier to see what image you have posted! Beautiful!