Monday, February 1, 2010

Making a Toy for Jesus..........February 1

Making a living is important,
but living for the MAKER
is more important.

St Joseph,
be with all fathers,
especially those trying
to make time and toys for their children.


Gardenia said...

lovely holy card. I checked out your CD of holy cards. what a great idea. and I hope you get some good interest in it. I hope someday you offer a book. I'd love that.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely card. I Love saint Joseph. Thank You for the wonderful start, once again, to my week. Enjoy your coffee,it is so soothing as we read the wonderful messages on your cards.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

The CD of holy cards is wonderful, a book would be so nice,it could then be given as a gift to those friends that do not own a computor as well as for onself for keeping.Would help us that are not to savvy on the computor. Thanks, for all your work.


Ginny at Mary and Me said...

This is fabulous! I love pictures that show Jesus and Joseph together. Makes me think of my husband and my sons in a few years. Thank you!

Holy Card Heaven said...

The announcement of your forthcoming CD sounds wonderful.
I wish you all success!

Micki said...

Gardenia - I wish I could offer a would be less costly though to do it yourself :-)
Thank you for your thoughts.

snflwr - I enjoy knowing I have a "partner" joining me with coffee and "inspirations".

I do wish I could offer the book that we made. Unfortunately that would be too much of an undertaking. Maybe someone else could make them up and offer to others????????

Ginny - I always felt the same way about my sons and their dad. St. Joseph has been a "good friend" to us...that's for sure. Enjoy those little ones!

Victoris - Thank you for your kind words. It's been an exciting adventure for sure. I do hope there are others who would enjoy having a "paper copy" of the quotes and cards.

Mary said...

I am fairly new to this site. I love all the beautiful holy cards! Thank you so much. Is there a CD of the Holy Cards? If so where? I would like to purchase it. Thank you.

Mary said...

One more question for Micki, am I allowed to copy a picture you have posted for my personal use?

Micki said...

Mary - sure, help yourself. I'll email you privately.