Wednesday, May 6, 2009

*Sacred Heart of Jesus..........May 6

"The true Church will always attract
the very simple and the very smart;
the simple who sense the Truth,
and the wise people who reason to it."

Father Manton, C.S.S.R.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me - I almost forgot! I wish we had Traditional Devotions in Buffalo! We must do this either at home or at The Dominican Monastery Perpetual Adoration Chapel. God Bless, Micki!

Anonymous said...

Such a treasured holy card of the Sacred Heart! The quote from Father Manton is wonderful!
Thankyou, Micki!

Diane S.

jet buenconsejo said...

O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine,
do keep us near to Thee!

beautiful holy card micki!

Prayerflowers said...

Hi Sweet Micki..have not been doing well. But it looks like Our Sweet Jesus let me log on at a perfect time...I didn't know today was the feast day. But I love the Sacred Heart of Jesus...thank you so much for your devotion and love you share. God bless you...sending you hugs.

Micki said...

Adrienne - I think you might be talking about May crowning????
Not sure. Blessings for you too. Thanks.

Diane - Whenever I use one of his quotes I think of you because you are probably the only other one who knows of Fr. Manton. We are both blessed in that knowledge.

Jet - Glad you like it. I like your mini-prayer also. Thanks.

Prayerflowers - Dear friend, it isn't the feast of the Sacred Heart but it's always a wonderful day to honor him with that title.
I'm sorry your not having a good day....I will send some extra prayers your way via angels that are our messengers. I know you are saving souls with your proffered sufferings. May God bless you and give you His special graces. Love.