Thursday, December 4, 2008

*Stairway of Heaven..........December 4

Mary may be truly called the Stairway of Heaven.
By her God descended from heaven to the world
so that by her we might ascend
from earth to heaven.

St. Fulgentius

[At the top:] The Imitation of Jesus Christ, or the Three Degrees of Perfect Conformity.
[In the halos:] Let us go! ... Thus, Father ... Let it be done, let it be done, let it be done.
[At the bottom:] In the first, one accepts the Cross with resignation ...In the second, one accepts the way with filial submission ...In the third, one embraces it with faith and love.


Anonymous said...

My four year old Grandson, out of the blue ,told his Father that God told him that he had to go down the stairs alone to get to earth."He wasn't afraid," he said, but God made it clear that he had to descend by himself".My son was stunned.
As you can imagine, I found this holy card to be quite meaningful.

Anonymous said...

S Graham - Wow....I've never heard of a four year old talking like that. It is amazing. I'm sure there is some kind of mystical purpose somewhere in there. Thanks for sharing.