Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*Make Ready for Him..........December 17

As the children make ready for
His coming by placing statues
in the creche, let us remember
during this Advent day, to open
our minds and hearts and
invite the Holy Spirit to prepare
us for Christ's coming in such
a short time.


Anonymous said...

This image reminds me of the excitement I felt during the Christmas Season and placing the figures in the Creche. I would often gaze upon them in wonderment, thinking how wonderful that most "Special" night must have been! Hopefully, as my faith has matured I realize that I too can relive the reality of Jesus comeing into my heart and giving Himself to me in the Blessed Eucharist! A "gift" I am most unworthy of, but Thankfully we have a loving Saviour that chose to leave the glory of Heaven and live amongst us in the simple forms of bread and wine! Jesus help me by your grace to continually prepare my heart to welcome you with songs of Joy and Praise this Advent Season!!! A Peacefilled night to all! John K.

Micki said...

John K. - What a beautiful reflection of your youthful joy of Christ's coming. To grow in maturity and reach the time when you can now relive the reality of His Eucharistic gift brings joy to us all. Thank you.