Saturday, December 13, 2008

*St. Lucy........December 13

Lucy's feast is celebrated during the season of Advent, when we wait for the coming of Christ our Light.
Lucy, whose name means "light," kept the light of her faith burning.
Perhaps because her name means "light,"
she is the patron of eyes.

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Unknown said...

How beautiful and inspiring holy card! Thank you for sharing with us this St. Lucy, she's really lovely! :D

grace said...

I have an award for you.

Micki said...

Meldelen - Thank you for your comment. I'm sure St. Lucy has her "eyes" on you :-)

Grace - Thank you. I'm always humbled by such generosity.

Anonymous said...

St. Lucy also had her eyes gouged out by her persecutors. Just thought that was interesting :P


Micki said...

Sanna - Yes, I believe that is true. I will be praying hard to her during February when I have some eye surgery scheduled. I have great confidence in her. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Unknown said...

However, her eyes were not pulled off at her martyrdom, that's not true. The eyeballs in the dish only mean that she's the patroness of sight.

The legend about the lost eyes of Saint Lucy doesn't appear at writings until early Middle Age. Before this moment this kind of blinding doesn't appear in the story of Saint Lucy at all, and in fact, art proves it because Lucy bringing her eyes in a dish doesn't appear until Middle Age, until this moment she usually appeared bringing a lamp (Lucy=Light) in her hand.

The reason for this change was because she was confused with another Lucy, Blessed Lucy the Pure One, who pulled out her own eyes because a man told her she had very beautiful eyes. But this never had to do with Lucy of Siracuse.

She is the patron saint of sight because her name means "light". That's all.

Anonymous said...

Meldelen - Thank you for clearing up the St. Lucy stories. I think it makes sense now. Either way, I'm praying to the two Lucys for eye surgery.