Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School with Jesus.......September 2

Many students go back to school the day after Labor Day.

"...Jesus our only teacher...thank you for bringing me this far...."
Nicholas of Cusa


Anonymous said...

The world of school is big and impersonal and frightening moment by moment and day by day and year by year. Oh, please commit with me to really pray for it, and for each boy and girl who has to spend so much time there, growing up there.

Akalei said...

My siblings and I are back to school too... thanks so much for posting this one!! :-)

Micki said...

Anonymous - A very good prayer request.

CT - Hope you have an outstanding year. Thanks foro your visit.

Anonymous said...

THIS is an afterthought to my anonymous post above.
IT isn't just a matter of the world of school and the people that the boys and girls are subject to. [Include daycares with schools.]
IT'S also a matter of the world of home and the people they're subject to at home, after school, each day.
SO many broken homes in so many ways, so many impossible frustrations. So much neglect and abuse.
SO much evil about.
BELOW the surphace living is altogether miserable and hopeless for many boys and girls. Maybe most?
THEY and our world with them need prayer for relief and for safety and for Jesus and for divine assistance.
SO again... oh, please commit with me to really pray for our boys and girls.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Micki! I've linked and used your picture. God bless. :)

Micki said...

Anonymous - Yes, prayers are always needed for the young. A point to remember always. Thank you.

Alexandra - Thank you. It looks good on your blog :-) Then again your blog always looks good.