Friday, March 23, 2007

First Post on New Blog

I am very new at starting a blog but I figure if you don't start you can't learn.

The picture of the standard poodle is our beloved "Chelsey". She was our companion for 13 years until
she recently passed away.

Her favorite activity was to jump on my triple dresser and watch out the window at all the would be "robbers" and "troublemakers". She found great joy in protecting us.

I found a wonderful blog and my eyes were opened to all that is available through these wonderful sites. I'm impressed with so many different people and if I can only do a part of
what they do I'll be delighted.

I have an extensive collection/hobby of collecting religious "holy cards". They are a window to historic art of religious pictures. The collection is from the mid 1800s to present day. I think it is a real history of art that will soon find the little pictures gone and lost to those in the future who would like to see this artistic method.

I hope to post many of my collection and hope you will enjoy.

I've become interested in knitting after reading many blogs. I'm not at the point to show you yet what I've done but maybe in the future????

I might need lots of help with this blog and hope I can call on some of you.


dbonneville said...

Hi Micki! I found your first post and am going to look at each one! I might pop a note when I find a new "favorite"...Thanks for doing this. It's a huge blessing.

Maryellen said...

I have returned to blogging after a one year hiatus,and have enjoyed once again your marvelous collection. I will do as you suggest starting with the 1st post of 2008.
I'm sure many cards will end up in my list of favorites.
This was a huge undertaking, a blessing for all of us. Thank you for leaving these gems for us to pray over.