Thursday, May 15, 2008

Feast of St. Isidore the Farmer........May 15

Patron of farmers and rural communities.

All day long he walked behind a plow and communed with God.
A simple laborer achieving sainthood shows labor has dignity, sainthood does not stem from status; contemplation does not depend on learning.

There are legends about angels helping him in his work in the fields and mysterious oxen.

St. Isidore is "my saint for this year".....see sidebar
on the left.

Pray for us St. Isidore and give us the grace to become accustomed to offer our daily toil to God. We don't have to be "country folk" to "toil" in the fields. Some toil in the kitchen or city offices.


Anonymous said...

My son jack, 13, took the name of St. Isidore, the farmer, for confirmation. Our research disclose he was designated the patron saint of rural america in 1948. Not bad for a man of the early 12th century. Jack jokes that since the angels did Isidor's ploughing when he absconded to church, that if he gets holy like Isidore was, angels will do his homework.

Micki said...

Anonymous - I love your son's thinking. St. Isidore was my blog's patron saint for 2008. Did you see the card of him on the left-side-bar of the blog? What a cool kid to pick such a great saint.