Friday, May 30, 2008

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus..........May 30

"Loving Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ,
You move hearts that are harder than rock,
You melt spirits that are colder than ice,
and You reach souls that are more impenetrable than diamonds.
Touch my heart with your sacred wounds.....
let my heart never rest until it finds You,
who are its center,
its love,
and its happiness....
Place my weak heart in Your own divine Heart...."

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Jesus, meek and humble of heart,
Make our hearts like unto Thine.


Easter A. said...

What a very interesting picture of our sweet Lord holding his own heart that's full of love and looking at it, offering it to all of us... He is inviting us all to embrace that awesome love! Jesus be praised!

Thank you, dear Micki!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Micki! I am so glad to see the comments back!
That prayer to the Sacred Heart by St. Margaret Mary is just beautiful! The holy card is wonderful--Our
tender and loving Jesus giving His Heart to each of us!

Diane S.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Micki.
Hope you enjoyed your vacation.
May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you and your family.

he gently calls us said...

I agree that that is an interesting beautiful card and I also love the prayer. What is nice about a blog is that it gives a small morsel of faith and beauty--the prayer might not be noticed so much in a prayerbook or on a website with hundreds of prayers. I thank you for leading us to the image and the prayer.

Hi Easter, Diane, Ed, John, and Anonymous. Hopefully Lynneda and the others will show up soon. I've missed getting to read your comments. I've also missed the latte Micki :-) I too hope the spammer stays away. It's incredible that people do stuff like that--although I noticed on another blog that the number of spam comments blocked was almost as high as the comments posted. Now THAT is scary.

Thanks and God bless!

Easter A. said...

Hugs to you, Kay. I, too, am happy to see Diane and Ed here and I cannot wait to "see" the others... that's how we miss you and your blog, dearest Micki! :-)

Micki, I hope you don't mind my adding this...
Re: Prayer to St. Joseph for the Unemployed

Kimberly of Catholic family Vignettes thanks you for your prayers! She joined many families in praying the Prayer to St. Joseph. Though her husband was not unemployed, she asked that her husband's intention be included. Her husband was hoping to get a better job and he got it this week. He starts at the new job next week!

God be praised!

Thanking God for you,
Easter at Mostly Prayers

Thanks, Micki! :-)

Micki said...

Thank you all for the "welcome back" messages. I'm delighted to have comments back up good to "see" you all again.
Easter - as always, you add such touching words. Thank you.
Diane - You are such a joy to find in "comments"....we will have to catch up on the phone.
Ed - Thank you for your blessing words. We had one fantastic time. Alaska is spectacular.
Kay - Loved your message. Had to laugh though at the picture I got of deciding to use a prayerbook or....the computer. Love it.
Easter - Woa...two for one. How special is that. I haven't had time yet to get to all your blogs...but I will catch up soon. I missed you all.

Sehrish said...

I wonder if anyone can help me out; Sacred Heart of Jesus's prayers are never known to fail. I want to pray for someone whose heart has become harder than rock, whose spirit is colder than ice,and his souls more impenetrable than diamonds. I prayed to Sacred Heart of Jesus to answer me and I got a sign that said I should let go; but I wish for a chance and I don't know should I ask Jesus or just leave it up to God... I'm confused

Micki said...

Sehrish - I'm not too sure that you will get any answsers from other posters because most viewers don't read comments and the older posts are also seldom seen.
However, I feel your pain and questions and will add your request to our prayerline. I would say that God hears all prayers and answers them in His time. Keep about St. Monica, St. Augustine's mother. She prayed for her son for sooooo many years. Never give up. Know that our good Lord works in all prayers and He hears yours. Pray for yourself too...maybe for patience???
Blessings for you and yours,

Sehrish said...

Hi Micki,

Thank you so much; please do add my prayer to your prayerline I would be greatful. I sure will look up the Saint...In my case it's my boyfriend; a very honest loving guy who one day changed because he was too scared to get committed... Thank you and God Bless You too!