Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Agony in the Garden...March 21

The sinless Son of God took on our sins so that we could be eternally saved. He did not want to endure the horrible experience. But Jesus prayed, "Not what I will, but what you will."

Are you willing to pay the price to gain something worthwhile in the end?

Featuring copyrighted artwork from
“The Hands Project”.
Thank you Molly for the holy cards.


Mary Lou said...

The artwork is beautiful, the pain it depicts is horrendous. All because of our sinfulness--

Maryellen said...

I haven't been here for quite awhile. I love the artwork you're using for your posts. It's beautiful art and inspiring.

Your blog is looking great.

Micki said...

Mary Lou - Yes, Molly, the artist, had such an original idea using "hands" to depict all these different points of Christ's life. It gives us an unusual angle to picture our points of faith. So glad you find it meaningful.

Maryellen - Welcome again. So nice to see your name here visiting. Glad you appreciate her talent and love that she shares through her art. I hoped it wsould be something different for Lent.