Friday, March 19, 2010

4th Luminous Mystery.....March 19

Today is the Feast Day of St. Joseph.
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Day 19

During the Transfiguration the glory of the Godhead shines forth from the face of Christ as the Father commands the astonished Apostles to "listen to him" and to prepare to experience with Him the agony of the Passion, so as to come with Him to the joy of the Resurrection and a life transfigured by the Holy Spirit.

Featuring copyrighted artwork from
“The Hands Project”.
Thank you Molly for the holy cards.


aspiring... said...

Good morning Micki...

Looking at this series of holy cards - of images of holy hands - a quote of Mother Teresa of Calcutta's just occurred to me. I have it at the top of my own blog as 'a provocative examination of conscience.' I can't believe I didn't make the connection before now. With your permmission I'll share it here. It says:

"You need only ask at night before you go to bed, 'What did I do to Jesus today? What did I do for Jesus today? What did I do with Jesus today?' You have only to look at your hands. This is the best examination of conscience."

Anonymous said...

The fruits we receive as we experience this painful journey are indescribable. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit, is indeed, touching the hearts and souls of those visiting your blog. God bless you Micki, as you use the work of others to touch our lives.

Mary Lou said...

My morning prayer (and day) start with your blog, Micki. And those that comment are inspiring as well.
Thanks to all, my life is enriched!

Micki said...

Aspiring - Hi, good evening. Oh what a wonderful quote. What an interesting question. It surely makes you realize just how we are going to be judged. A fantastic examination of conscience.

Anonymous - Thank you so much for your blessing....and as they say in church, "and also with you." I do hope there are others enjoying these "hands" project. Some really great ones coming up too. Enjoy.

Mary Lou - I am so happy that you enjoy starting your day here. Unfortunately the days are being numbered.